Your League/Organization and HappyTC

Slap your league’s logo and colour scheme on HappyTC!

You get to offer a free service to your players, free.

Your players get a useful service that makes it easier to run teams.

Your players are reminded of your league by the presence of your friendly logo and colours on all their team’s HappyTC pages.

For example:

(To see how the signed-in view looks, use user ID guest41 and password xyz123.)

Real-life example:

UltiTalk.Com, the Ultimate Frisbee Forum, offers HappyTC as follows:

Why make your team captains happy?

Team captains are the bread & butter of rec sports leagues:

  • captains get together groups of players;
  • captains make sure their players get to the games;
  • $$$: where team fees are concerned, captains usually pay the league up front, and collect from their players.

Keeping captains happy keeps the league happy. Money-making leagues make more money, and non-profit leagues keep people coming back for more.

How does HappyTC make team captains happy?

HappyTC can help leagues make their captains happy by:

  • making it quick and easy to captain a team:
    • means people are less likely to back out of running a team;
  • making entire teams happy by reducing the number of defaults:
    • when everyone knows who will/won’t be at a game, it makes it less likely for slackers to think “oh, everyone else will probably be there, I’ll sit on the couch tonight”;
  • making it easier for teams of “individuals” to run themselves, by making it easier for the (often involuntary) elected captain to do their job.

HappyTC does not try to duplicate everything most leagues already have: full schedules, standings, player stats, registration/payment pages, etc. — players already know where to go for that as the “definitive source”, and leagues are already adept at managing it.

HappyTC does allow branded “gateways” to the HappyTC site, so that players will be reminded of the league they signed up in while they are using HappyTC.

Contact us to get started: info{at}